Bosch Serie | 6 Front Loader 9/6 kg Washer Dryer


Brand: Bosch
Model: WNG24490
Capacity: 9/6kg
Made in Germany
Product Type: Bosch Serie | 6 Front Loader Washer Dryer
Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Services (For Household), 1 Year Parts and Services (For Commercial)
Key features:

● Wash & Dry: Up to 6 kg comfortably in one go washing and drying.
● AutoDry: dries laundry precisely and gently to desired degree of drying.
● Automatic stain remover: removes the 4 most common types of stains.
● EcoSilence Drive: extremely energy-saving and quiet in operation with a particularly long service life.
● Wash & Dry 60′: washing and drying of small ones Loading in just 60 minutes.
Performance and consumption:

– Energy efficiency class washing and drying¹: E
– Energy efficiency class washing²: C
– Electricity consumption³ / water consumption⁴ washing and drying:372 kWh / 84 liters
– Electricity consumption⁵ / water consumption⁶ washing: 64 kWh / 41 liter
– Load washing and drying / washing: 1 – 6 kg / 1 – 9 kg
– Program runtime⁷ washing and drying / washing: 7:45 h:min / 3:45 h:min
– Spin efficiency class: B
– Spin speed**: 400 – 1400 rpm.
– Noise level: 69 dB (A) re 1 pW
– Noise efficiency class: A
– Standard programs washing: cotton, easy-care, delicate/Silk, wool/hand wash
– Special washing programs: ExtraShort 15′, Hygiene Mix, Mix, Spin/Drain, Rinse
– All common washing programs can also be used as pure drying program or as a combined washing and
drying program can be used
– Standard programs Drying: Cotton, Synthetics
– Special drying programs: Refresh, Intensive drying, Gentle drying, washing & drying 60′
– Spot automatic with 4 spots – switchable to the usual
standard programs
– SpeedPerfect: perfectly clean in up to 65% less time. ***
– Washing options: easy iron, speed selection, SpeedPerfect,
Start / Pause, temperature selection, prewash
– Drying options: Drying target
– Drying option for most washing programs
– AutoDry function, time programs
comfort and safety
– VarioTrommel: gentle and efficient washing
– Drum interior lighting: LED
– EcoSilence Drive: quiet motor with a long service life
– AntiVibration Design: more stability and smoothness
– Maintenance-free heat exchanger: automatic lint removal
– Fully electronic one-button operation for all washing and special programs
– Large, clear LED display for program sequence, max. spin speed, remaining time display, 24 h End time
preselection and loading recommendation
– Reload function: The refill function allows you adding items of laundry even after the start of the
washing program.
– Overdose indicator
– ActiveWater Plus: for the most efficient use of water even with small laundry loads thanks to
automatic load identifier.
– Foam detection
– Imbalance control
– Child lock
– Multi-beeps
– Easy cleaning drawer
– Liquid detergent insert
– 32 cm porthole, chrome, white with 165° door opening angle
– AquaStop: a Bosch guarantee against water damage – a device lifetime*
Technical information
– Can be pushed under from a niche height of 85 cm
– Device dimensions (H x W): 84.8 cm x 59.8 cm
– Device depth: 59.0 cm
– Device depth including door: 63.5 cm
– Device depth with open door: 107.2 cm
1 2 On an energy efficiency class scale from A to G
3 Energy consumption in kWh for 100 cycles “washing andDrying” (in program Eco 40-60)
⁴ Weighted water consumption in liters per cycle “Washing and Drying” (in program Eco 40-60)
5 Energy consumption in kWh for 100 wash cycles (in the Eco program 40-60)
⁶ Weighted water consumption in liters per wash (im Program Eco 40-60)
⁷ Running time for the Eco 40-60 program, in the “Wash and Dry” / only in the wash cycle


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