Bosch Serie | 4 Free-standing Dishwasher 60cm


Brand: Bosch
Model: SGS4HVI31E
Made in Germany
Product Type: Free-standing dishwasher 60cm Stainless steel
Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Services (For Household), 1 Year Parts and Services (For Commercial)
General Specification

Extra drying: selectable option for extra thorough drying
Drying loads that are difficult to dry.
● With extra recesses, the Vario drawer offers space for
larger cutlery utensils or smaller pieces of crockery.
● Triple Rackmatik: Even with a fully loaded upper basket in the 3rd
Levels adjustable in height up to 5 cm.
● Silence program: This program will
operating noise of your dishwasher automatically on the
lowest noise level reduced.
● 7-segment display: display of the remaining time, with standard information
like refill needs.
performance and consumption
– Energy efficiency class¹: E
– Energy² / Water³: 94 kWh / 9.5 liters
– Capacity: 13 place settings
– Program duration⁴: 3:45 (h:min)
– Noise: 46 dB(A) re 1 pW
– Noise efficiency class: C
– Noise in the Silence program: 44 dB(A) re 1 pW
programs and options
– 6 programs: Eco 50 °C, Auto 45-65 °C, Intensive 70 °C, 1h 65
°C, Silence 50 °C, favorite
– Pre-rinse
– 3 special functions: extra drying, half load,
– Machine care program
Flushing technology and sensors
– Heat exchanger.
– Aqua and loading sensor
– Dosing assistant
– EcoSilence Drive
– Automatic cleaner
– Self-cleaning sieve with triple wave filter system
– Liner/Bottom: Stainless steel/Polinox
basket system
– VarioFlex basket system
– Vario drawer
– Height-adjustable upper basket with Rackmatic (3 levels)
– Comfort castors in the lower basket
– Basket stopper (Rack Stopper) to prevent the
lower basket
– Collapsible row of spikes in the upper basket
– Collapsible rows of spikes in the lower basket (4x)
– Cup shelf in the upper basket (2 parts)
display and operation
– Plain text labeling (English)
– Electronic remaining time display in minutes
– Delay start: 1-24 hours
– Anti fingerprint
Technical information and accessories
– AquaStop: a Bosch guarantee against water damage – a
device lifetime*
– Keylock
– Glass protection technique
– Device dimensions (H x W x D): 84.5 cm x 60.0 cm x 60.0 cm
¹ on an energy efficiency class scale from A to G
²Energy consumption kWh/100 operating cycles (in program Eco 50 °C)
³ Water consumption in liters per operating cycle (in the Eco 50 program
⁴ Program duration in the Eco program 50 °C


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